Thursday, January 19, 2006

How many wars are we in right now? I did the math on most of the major ones for you :). Posted by Picasa


Amanda said...

Hey sexy;) Although I dont understand your political mumbojumbo, I still love you! Actually this one was pretty clear:) I can understand charts pretty well...way to go! :)

Adirian said...

We may be starting a War on Illegal Immigration now, too, depending on how current politics fly.

James said...

Why is it that the actual wars that we fight now are the only thing rarely called wars?
Whenever we want to eliminate something, we declare war on it and as soon as I hear that, I know it is a lost cause. We have not really beaten anything we have declared war on since Japan and Germany.

Hmm maybe just maybe you cannot declare war on inanimate objects.