Friday, January 13, 2006

Morality in the law

Let's start with the First Amendment here. As we discussed earlier:

Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free excercise of religion.
Congress shall make no law referring to an establishment of religion.

This is where we get the famous line "Separation of Church and State". The argument arises, however, that religion is already deeply ingrained in our laws. People say "You can't make murder illegal without a religion." As we've discussed, this, in the US, is the concept of Natural Rights. I'd like to expand on it myself, but it has been said much better by someone else. I warn you, this podcast is lengthy, so listen to it when you know you have time.


What is so bad about big government? My indictment of big government is that it is bad because it attacks liberty, prosperity, progress, harmony, andmorality . Thanks to big government, we have significantly less of all of those good things than we would if we had been able to keep government right-sized. Big government is cancerous. Like a cancer, it hurts the body and tends to spread, doing more and more harm as it grows. It is time for some radical surgery. – George C. Leef, director of FEE's Freeman Society Discussion Clubs


demonsthenes said...

Is that Stephan Molyneux? Do you have a link to download that?

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That's where I got it from